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    We can provide billing statements on a per visit, or monthly basis.  These can be selected through our patient portal.


    Travis Kobler will be in network with Aetan, Cigna, and Optum/UHC beginning October 1, 2023. We also accept Cigna and Optum EAP benefits.

    We can also help you file your Out-Of-Network (OON) benefits via superbilling.  Superbilling allows you to submit your claims directly with your insurance provider, and after your deductibles are met, you will be reimbursed directly. For more information on this services please contact your therapist/provider.

    No Surprise Billing

    Beginning in January 2022, the Public Health Services Act, a new federal law, requires Health Care Providers to provide information about rights and protections to help prevent surprise and unexpected billing.  Many have experienced the shock of medical bills following a trip to the ER, surgery, or other medical procedure.  Since therapists/counselors are considered Health Care Providers, we are included in this effort to prevent surprise billing.   

    While the number of sessions needed for one’s completion of services is difficult to determine, the rates that you have discussed and agreed upon with your provider is fixed. That rate, times the number of given sessions per week/month/year will help to calculate your total expenses for services rendered.  We can also provide this through our Electronic Health Records (EHR) if desired.  Please speak with your provider. 

    Good Faith Statement

    On our website, during your free 15 minute call with a provider, or during your first session(s) your providers rate will be shared with you.  Insurance, financial assistance, or reduced rates/sliding scales; will also be determined between you and your provider at these times. If these rates are outside the means for you and your needs for therapy, we will assist you in finding another provider for services.  First, is our commitment to all of our prospective clients to get them the services they need and desire.  We also work closely with our clients if they desire to file Out-Of-Network insurance claims, this includes (at times) filing for these clients. For any clarity in this area please speak with your provider or the Operations Manager.