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    Attendance Policy


    Crossroads makes daily reminder notifications through an automated system twenty four hours prior to your appointment as a courtesy. 

    Because this is a courtesy, you are still responsible and can be charged even if you did not receive this reminder.

    Please make sure that we have a working number for you or an active email. You may receive an email or text reminder upon request.

    If you receive a message and need to change your appointment after hours, please call (865) 805-2575 & leave a message in the general mailbox.

    You can also send us an email via our Contact Us form.


    We request that cancellations be made with 24 hours business day notice, Monday through Friday. (Holidays do not count as a business day.)

    While we understand that life events do happen, we request that you please be considerate of others who may need or want your appointment if you cannot make it. You also may be the beneficiary of someone who cancels appropriately.

    We keep a cancellation log for clients who are waiting on appointments.

    Because we believe that consistency and commitment are part of the therapeutic process, the policy at Crossroads is that multiple late cancellations or no shows may be considered unacceptable to continue working with your provider.

    If you have three (3) late cancellations, three (3) no shows or a combination with one or more providers, you may be dismissed from the services.

    A minimum charge of $65 will be assessed for cancellations less than 24 hour business day notice or a no show.  No Shows and late cancelations can also be assessed a provider’s full fee.


    We will consider your file closed after 6 months of inactivity. If you are in need of our services in the future, please contact us and we will schedule based on availability.