Enneagram coaching can help you understand your personality, strengths, weaknesses, and how to communicate better with others.  It’s an assessment tool that takes you to the depth of your emotions, and gives you a better understanding of what makes you, you!  Have you ever wondered why you’re the way you are?  This can help, whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert!

  • $125 / session – Individual/ 1-1.5 hr sessions/ 2-8 sessions.
  • $185 / session – Couples/Marriage/ 1.5-2hr sessions/  1-8 sessions
  • $525 Family/ 3.5-4hr presentation*


*Please note that family sessions are a one time fee with the potential for signing up for further individual or couples coaching sessions. 

  1. Discover/ 1st session Overall presentation / 2nd session Typing Interview
  2. Exploration & Implementation/ 5-8 sessions ( 1 hr individual/1.5 hr for couples)